Course Etiquette

Course Etiquette

All members and guests to the Park Golf Club are required to conform to the rules of the R&A, the Park Golf Club and rules/conditions laid down by the Sefton’s Southport Municipal Golf Course. In particular abide by the ‘Conditions of Play’ as displayed outside the Pro-Shop.

A round of golf for a ‘four ball’ should not take in excess of 3 hours 45 minutes. You MUST keep up with the four-ball in-front and, if applicable, call through players behind who are being delayed by you where you have either LOST a HOLE or NONE are IN-FRONT of you.

Golf Buggies and Trolleys are to be used on the course in a way that does not damage any part of the course. In the event of muddy or wet ground, buggies and trolleys MUST keep to the part of the course that will not be affected: creating ruts in the ground is not permitted. Trolleys and golf buggies are available for hire from the Pro-Shop subject to availability.

All marks and footprints must be raked on leaving a bunker.

All divots are to be replaced and pitch marks repaired.

The use of a mobile phone is restricted to the car park only (except in an emergency).

Dogs are NOT allowed on the course at any time.

On The Course

  • Please rake bunkers, repair your pitchmarks and replace your divots
  • Members must display their membership tags on their golf bags or attach their ‘Round Receipt’ to their card
  • SAFETY of fellow players and Ground Staff is paramount
  • If you cause damage/injury to property or a person on or around the course:
    • Report this to the Pro-Shop – this covers:
      • Car
      • Course
      • Person
      • Property
    • In all instances, report the above immediately upon leaving the course to a Park Golf Club Committee Member OR, if not available, leave a written message in the Club’s POST BOX (next to the entrance door) with full details of the incident and including your name contact information.
  • Keep Buggies and Trolleys off all teeing areas, greens and approaches
  • Members and guests MUST NOT leave litter on the course
  • Do not drive-off when other players or Ground Staff are in range
  • Shout FORE if in the slightest doubt about the safety of others