Dress Code



  • Members are expected to wear a collared tee shirt, roll/turtle neck sweaters, jumpers, trousers, socks and shoes. Wet, damp or soiled clothing may be worn in the Bar Room when it is impossible to change (no change of clothes available).

Smart Casual

  •  Members are expected to wear a long or short sleeved, collared shirt (see Disallowed Wear), trousers, socks and shoes. A jacket and/or tie is/are optional. Smart Jeans may be worn for Social Events of an informal nature.


  • Members are required to wear a suit or Captain’s Jacket and trousers, collar, tie, socks and shoes.


  • Members are required to wear a Dinner Suit, Dress Shirt or equivalent, Evening Tie or equivalent, Socks and Dress Shoes or equivalent.
  • Captains and Former Captains can wear Captain’s Jackets and appropriate attire.

Other Dress Rules

  • Golf Shoes may only be worn in the Locker area.
  • Golf Caps may not be worn in the clubhouse and on the course they must be worn the right way round

Disallowed Wear

  • Cargo trousers, leggings, shell suits, sport/cargo/beach shorts, football shirts, non-collared tee shirts and trainers are not allowed on the course or in the clubhouse.
  • Footwear worn without socks.
  • All outdoor clothing (overcoats etc.) must not be worn in the Club House.
  • Rain tops and Trousers must be removed before entering the Club House.

Golf Shorts (Properly tailored)

  • These may be worn with golf wear socks or knee length socks on the course and in the Bar Room.

Preferred Bar Room Dress

  • It is preferred that members, after playing golf, should change out of their golfing attire before using the clubhouse facilities.